HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 12 Securing a Cluster

clusterwide Intrusion Detection

Clusterwide intrusion detection extends protection against attacks of all types throughout the cluster. Intrusion data and information from each system is integrated to protect the cluster as a whole.

You can set the SECURITY_POLICY system parameter on the member systems in your cluster to maintain either a local or a clusterwide intrusion database of unauthorized attempts and the state of any intrusion events.

If bit 12 in the SECURITY_POLICY is cleared, all cluster members are made aware if a system is under attack or has any intrusion events recorded. Events recorded on one system can cause another system in the cluster to take restrictive action. For example, users attempting to log in are monitored more closely and are limited to a certain number of login retries within a limited period of time. Once users exceed either the retry or time limitation, they cannot log in. The default for bit 12 in the SECURITY_POLICY system parameter is clear.

For information on the system services $DELETE_INTRUSION, $SCAN_INTRUSION, and $SHOW_INTRUSION, see the HP OpenVMS System Services Reference Manual.

For information on the DCL commands DELETE INTRUSION and SHOW INTRUSION, see the HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary.