HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 4 Protecting Data

Modifying a Security Profile

You can provide new values for the owner, protection code, or ACL of a protected object or even copy a profile from one object to another by using the SET SECURITY command.

For example, the SHOW SECURITY display in “Displaying a Security Profile” shows the file 93_FORECAST.TXT is owned by user Greg. As owner, he can change the protection code for that file. Originally, the code gave no access to users in the world category. Now, Greg changes that to allow read and write access to world users:


The SHOW SECURITY command verifies the new protection code for the file:

93_FORECAST.TXT object of class FILE
Owner: [GREG]
Protection: (System: RWED, Owner: RWED, Group: RE, World: RW)
Access Control List: <empty>

“Specifying an Object's Class” shows how to modify other elements in a profile. “Controlling Access with ACLs” and “Controlling Access with Protection Codes” discuss protection codes and ACLs extensively. For a full description of the SET SECURITY and SHOW SECURITY commands, see the HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary.