HP OpenVMS Guide to System Security: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 4 Protecting Data

Displaying a Security Profile

To see the security profile of any protected object, use the DCL command SHOW SECURITY. For example, the following command requests security information about the file 93_FORECAST.TXT:

WORK_DISK$:[GREG]93_FORECAST.TXT;1 object of class FILE
Protection: (System: RWED, Owner: RWED, Group: RE, World)
Access Control List: <empty>

The display indicates the file 93_FORECAST.TXT is owned by user Greg. It also lists the file's protection code, which gives read, write, execute, and delete access to system users and the owner. The code grants read and execute access to group users and provides no access to world users. (See “Controlling Access with Protection Codes” for further explanation.) There is no ACL on the file as yet.