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   OpenVMS Alpha/VAX ODL Bookreader Getting Started

HP OpenVMS Bookreader Online Documentation Library (ODL) for HP OpenVMS Alpha and VAX


This document provides introductory information about the Bookreader Online Documentation Library (ODL) CD-ROMs. It provides general and platform-specific installation and user information for the ODL.

The OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX Bookreader ODL CD-ROM set is an archive set containing documentation in Bookreader format only. This set includes:
  • a disc for use on native platforms (ODL-BKB-AXP or ODL-BKB-VAX) and
  • a disc for Microsoft® Windows® platforms (ODL-BKB-PC).

These discs contain static documentation and will not be updated. As a result, documentation may not be the current revision. Setup and user information for the ODL-BKB is included in this document and in user documentation residing on each ODL-BKB CD-ROM.

System Requirements
  • OpenVMS Alpha or OpenVMS VAX Version 6.1 or later
  • DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-3 or later

  • Windows 98 SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
  • Web Browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Getting Started with the Bookreader ODL (ODL-BKB)

The ODL-BKB set consists of a single CD-ROM disc that runs on OpenVMS Alpha or OpenVMS VAX platforms (ODL-BKB-AXP, ODL-BKB-VAX), and a single CD-ROM disc that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms (ODL-BKB-PC).

These ODL discs use the Bookshelf Navigation Utility (BNU) as the primary interface to online bookshelves. Bookshelves contain links to documentation in Bookreader format. The BNU invokes the Bookreader viewer to display ODL documentation.

Installation instructions for both platforms of the ODL-BKB follow. For BNU system requirements and more detailed installation instructions, refer to the Online Documentation Library CD-ROM User's Guide, which is available online in the Getting Started bookshelf, and is available in PostScript and text formats in the [readme] directory on each ODL-BKB disc.

Note: Previous releases of ODL on native platforms required and/or provided other viewers (Netscape, Hyperhelp) for other file types. These are not required for the ODL-BKB discs. References made to these viewers in the Online Documentation Library CD-ROM User's Guide do not apply to the ODL-BKB CD-ROM. Documentation is in Bookreader format only.

Installing and Using the ODL-BKB-AXP or ODL-BKB-VAX (OpenVMS Platforms)

Procedures for installing and using the ODL-BKB-VMS, including example commands, are summarized below. The examples assume that the installation is run from the system or privileged account and the CD-ROM reader is DKA400. Note that particulars of the commands may vary according to your system configuration.

Mounting the CD-ROM and Running Setup
  • Insert the ODL-BKB-VMS CD-ROM into the CD-ROM reader and mount it.

For the OpenVMS Alpha Bookreader CD-ROM:

For the OpenVMS VAX Bookreader CD-ROM:
  • Invoke the setup command to begin the ODL setup procedure, pressing "Enter" as needed to accept defaults for all options.

For the OpenVMS Alpha Bookreader CD-ROM:

For the OpenVMS VAX Bookreader CD-ROM:
  • Log out and log in again.
  • Invoke the BNU.
$ BNU  

Installing and Using the ODL-BKB-PC (Windows Platforms)

The procedures for installing and using the ODL-BKB-PC are as follows:
  • Insert the ODL-BKB-PC CD-ROM for MS-Windows Platforms into the CD-ROM reader.
  • View the "Readme.txt" file in the top level directory for important information before proceeding with the installation.
  • From the "Start" menu, select "Run...", and enter E:\Setup.exe, where E is the drive letter assigned to the ODL-BKB-PC CD-ROM.
  • Respond to the setup program dialogs as desired and/or take the default responses by pressing .
  • After completion of the setup program, invoke the BNU from "Start/Programs/Compaq ODL/BNU".
  • If you wish to copy the contents of the ODL-BKB-PC CD-ROM to a hard disk and have sufficient available space, invoke the Copy ODL program from "Start/Programs/Compaq ODL/Copy ODL".