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OpenVMS VAX - Q397

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Master Index (Extended) - September 1997

Last published: May 1997

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
3270 Terminal Option Software 1.1SSBVV9AA  4» CXM011
ACMS Desktop/Japanese for OpenVMS 2.3SSBGZGJA Upd9» ACMSDIJA023
ACMS/Japanese for OpenVMS 4.1SSB079JA  10» ACMSJA041
ALL-IN-1 DESKtop Server for VMS 1.2SSBYFFAA  1» A1SVC012
ALL-IN-1 Office Server Options for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAAAA  1» A1032
ALL-IN-1 OSO TeamLinks Connection for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX 2.5SSBAAAAT  1» TLC025
ALL-IN-1 OSO TeamLinks Connection/Japanese for OVMS Alpha and VAX 2.5SSB5CTJA  9» TLCJA025
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Dansk for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7DA  6» A1MAILDA011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Deutsch for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7GA  6» A1MAILDE011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Espa˝ol for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7SA  6» A1MAILES011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Franšais for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7PA  6» A1MAILFR011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Italiano for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7UA  6» A1MAILIT011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Nederlands for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7HA  6» A1MAILNL011
ALL-IN-1 Mail/Svenska for VMS 1.1SSBVZ7MA  6» A1MAILSV011
ALL-IN-1 Personal Assistant 1.1SSBMDXAA  1» A1PA011
ALL-IN-1 Web Interface for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX 1.0SSB50CAC  1» AWI010
ALL-IN-1/Dansk Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAADA  8» A1LDA032
ALL-IN-1/Deutsch Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAAGA  8» A1LDE032
ALL-IN-1/Espa˝ol Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAASA  8» A1LES032
ALL-IN-1/Franšais Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAAPA  8» A1LFR032
ALL-IN-1/Hangul Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAA4A  12» A1CKO032
ALL-IN-1/Hanyu Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAA3A  12» A1CTA032
ALL-IN-1/Hanzi Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAA2A  12» A1CPR032
ALL-IN-1/Hebrew Integrated Office System Server for OpenVMS 3.0SSBAAATA  7» A1LIL030
ALL-IN-1/Italiano Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP & OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAAUA  8» A1LIT032
ALL-IN-1/Japanese Integrated Office System Server for OpenVMS 3.2SSBAAAJA Upd10» A1LJA032
ALL-IN-1/Nederlands Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP & OpenVMS VAX 3.2SSBAAAHA  8» A1LNL032
ALL-IN-1/Norsk Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP & OpenVMS VAX 3.1SSBAAANA  8» A1LNO031
ALL-IN-1/Portugűes Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP & OpenVMS VAX 3.1SSBAAAVA  8» A1LPT031
ALL-IN-1/Portuguŕs-Latino Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP and VAX 3.2SSBAAAXA  7» A1LBZ032
ALL-IN-1/Suomi Office Server Options for OpenVMS AXP & OpenVMS VAX 3.1SSBAAAFA  8» A1LFI031
ALL-IN-1/Svenska Integrated Office System Server for OpenVMS 3.2SSBAAAMA  8» A1LSV032
ALL-IN-1/Teamroute (Japanese) 1.1ASSBGEZJA  10» TMRA1BJVMUPA011
BASEstar Classic DAS for Allen-Bradley Data Highway 3.4SSB5JYAA  2» DCM_ABVV034
BASEstar Classic DAS for Allen-Bradley INTERCHANGE Software 3.4SSB5K0AA  2» DCM_DTLVV034
BASEstar Classic DAS for Modicon 3.4SSB5K2AA  2» DCM_MODVV034
BASEstar Classic DAS for Siemens H1 3.4SSB5K4AA  2» DCM_H1VV034
BASEstar Classic DAS for DEComni 3.4SSB5K6AA  2» DCM_OMNIVV034
BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS VAX (Development) 3.4SSBYU9AA  2» BCCVV034
BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS VAX (RunTime) 3.4SSBYUAAA  2» BCCVV034
BASEstar Open DAS for Allen-Bradley Data Highway 3.1SSB11GAA Upd2» ABDVV031
BASEstar Open DAS for Modicon 3.1SSB11JAA Upd2» MODVV031
BASEstar Graphics Enabler (Development) 2.3ASSBXTAAA  2» BGEVAXA023
BASEstar Graphics Enabler (RunTime) 2.3ASSBXTBAA  2» BGEVAXA023
BASEstar Open Server (Development) 3.1SSB0X7AA Upd2» BSTROVV031
BASEstar Open Server (RunTime) 3.1SSB0X6AA Upd2» BSTROVV031
BASEstar Open Client 3.1SSB0Y8AA Upd2» BSTROVV031
CDA Converter Library for OpenVMS 2.2SSBVZAAA  4» CDACVTLIB022
Consolidated DEChub Firmware Kit 3.1SSB32TAA  4» DCF011
DEC Ada for OpenVMS VAX Systems 3.4SSB056AA  3» ADA034
DEC Ada for OpenVMS VAX Systems (Prof Development Option) 3.4SSB0VQAA  3» ADA034
DEC C for OpenVMS VAX 5.6SSB015AA  3» CC056
DEC C++ for OpenVMS VAX (Compiler) 5.6SSBMJ1AA Upd3» CXX056
DEC DATATRIEVE for OpenVMS VAX Systems 7.1SSB898AA  4» DTR071
DEC DATATRIEVE/Hangul for OpenVMS VAX 6.1SSB8984A  10» DTRAN061
DEC DATATRIEVE/Japanese for OpenVMS VAX 6.1SSB898JA  9» DTRJA061
DEC Distributed Queuing Service for OpenVMS 1.3SSBVENAA  5» DQS013
DEC Distributed Server Library for OpenVMS (Server) 1.0SSBMV7AA  5» SEP_DSLS010
DEC Distributed Server Library for OpenVMS (Client) 1.0SSBMV8AA  5» SEP_DSLC010
DEC IEZ11 Class Driver for VMS 2.1SSBYEHAA  5» IEZ11021
DEC InfoServer Client for VMS 1.0SSBGGWAA  5» ESS010
DEC Network Integration Server Software 4.0SSBGX7AA  3» NIS040
DEC Notes for OpenVMS VAX Systems 2.5SSB960AA  2» NOTES025
DEC NOTES/Japanese 2.5SSB960JA  9» NOTESJA025
DEC ODA CDA Gateway for VMS 1.0SSBYHNAA  5» ODA010
DEC Pascal for OpenVMS 5.5SSB126AA  3» PASCAL055
DEC Remote Operation Services (ROS) for VMS 1.0SSBYU2AA  5» ROS010
DEC ROS Development Kit for VMS 4.0SSBYU3AA  5» PLC409040
DEC SecurityGate for VMS 1.1SSBGZFAA  5» NSG011
DEC Storage Monitor for OpenVMS (Server) 1.0SSBMVAAA  4» SEP_SMS010
DEC Storage Monitor for OpenVMS (Client) 1.0SSBMVBAA  4» SEP_SMC010
DEC TN3270 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB0CQJA  9» TN3270TEA010
DEC TN560 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB0CSJA  9» TN560TEA010
DEC TN6680 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB0CRJA  9» TN6680TEA010
DEC VOICE:mail for OpenVMS VAX 2.0AMUP0WBAA  5» VCSIA020
DEC VTX for OpenVMS VAX 6.2SSB031AA  2» VTX062
DEC VUIT (Visual User Interface Tool)/Japanese for VMS 2.1SSBMHRJA  9» VUITJA021
DEC X.500 Directory Services (Server) 3.1SSB0P4AA  5» DXDV031
DEC X.500 Directory Services (Admin Facility) 3.1SSB0P5AA  5» DXDV031
DEC/EDI FileBridge for OpenVMS 1.1SSB23WAA  5» FBR011
DECADMIRE/Japanese for OpenVMS 2.0SSB091JA  9» DECADMIREJA020
DECELMS (DEC Extended LAN Management Software) 1.1SSBYFPAA  2» ELMS011
DECdecision 2.0SSBVW3AA  2» DECISION020
DECdecision/Deutsch 1.5SSBVW3GA  6» DECISIONDE015
DECdecision/Japanese for VMS/Japanese 1.5BSSBVW3JA  10» DECISIONJA_B015
DECdfs for OpenVMS Systems 2.2SSBVEQAA  3» DECDFS022
DECdocument for OpenVMS Systems 3.2SSBVEEAA  4» DOC032
DECforms/Hangul for OpenVMS VAX (Development) 2.1BMUPVCH4A  10» FORMSANMB021
DECforms/Hangul for OpenVMS VAX (RunTime) 2.1BMUPVNS4A  10» FORMSRTANMB021
DECforms/Hanyu for OpenVMS VAX (Development) 2.1BMUPVCH3A  10» FORMSANMB021
DECforms/Hanyu for OpenVMS VAX (RunTime) 2.1BMUPVNS3A  10» FORMSRTANMB021
DECforms/Hanzi for OpenVMS VAX (Development) 2.1BMUPVCH2A  10» FORMSANMB021
DECforms/Hanzi for OpenVMS VAX (RunTime) 2.1BMUPVNS2A  10» FORMSRTANMB021
DECforms/Japanese (Development) 2.1BMUPVCHJA  10» FORMSANMB021
DECforms/Japanese (RunTime) 2.1BMUPVNSJA  10» FORMSRTANMB021
DECimage Storage Manager for VMS 1.0SSB893AA  3» ISM010
DECintact 2.1SSBVF1AA  3» DECINTACT021
DECintact (Runtime) 2.1SSBVF2AA  3» DECINTACT021
DECintact (Remote) 2.1SSBVF3AA  3» DECINTACT021
DECmessageQ for OpenVMS (Development) 3.2CSSBGKPAA  2» DMQVAXMUPC032
DECmessageQ for OpenVMS (RunTime) 3.2CSSBGHVAA  2» DMQVAXMUPC032
DECnet SNA Application Programming Interface for OpenVMS 2.4SSB455AA  5» SNALU0024
DECnet SNA Gateway for Channel Transport 2.1ASSBVC9AA  5» SNACSA021
DECnet SNA Gateway for Synchronous Transport 1.2ASSBS01AA  5» SNACST012
DECnet SNA Remote Job Entry/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.4ASSB453JA  9» JSNARJEA014
DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS VAX 7.1SSBD04AA  2» DNVOSI071
DECnet/SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator/Japanese for VMS/Japanese 1.5ASSB454JA  9» JSNATEA015
DECnet/SNA Data Transfer Facility/Japanese (Server) 3.0SSBVEBJA  9» SNADTFSJA030
DECnet/SNA Data Transfer Facility/Japanese (Utilities) 3.0SSBVEKJA  9» SNADTFUJA030
DECnet/SNA Printer Emulator/Japanese 1.2ASSB044JA  9» JSNAPREA012
DECosap-AP 3.0SSB5BPAA  2» OSAPV030
DECosap-H1 3.0SSB5BQAA  2» OSAPV030
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS 1.3SSB09NAA  1» DCPSVAX013
DECprint Supervisor/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.2SSB09NJA  9» DCPSJ012
DECram for OpenVMS 2.2CMUPGJ9AA  3» DECRAMUC022
DECserver 200 for VMS 3.3SSBVCBAA  4» DS2033
DECserver 250 for VMS 2.0SSBVTMAA  4» DS25020
DECserver 300 for VMS 2.2ASSBVTUAA  4» DS3A022
DECserver 500/550 for VMS 2.2SSB03KAA  4» DS5022
DECserver 700 for VMS, ULTRIX, UNIX, and MS-DOS 1.1BSSBXA5AA  4» DS7A011
DECserver 90 TL Software 1.1BSSBMJPAA  4» DS9A011
DECset for OpenVMS VAX Systems 12.2SSB965AA Upd3» DECSET122
DEC Code Management System (CMS) for OpenVMS VAX Systems 3.9SSB007AA Upd3» DECSET122
DEC Language-Sensitive Editor/Source Code Analyzer for OpenVMS VAX 4.5SSB057AA Upd3» DECSET122
DEC Module Management System (MMS) for OpenVMS VAX Systems 3.2SSBVADAA Upd3» DECSET122
DEC Performance and Coverage Anal for OpenVMS VAX Systems 4.5SSB119AA Upd3» DECSET122
DEC Test Manager for OpenVMS VAX Systems 3.8SSB927AA Upd3» DECSET122
DECvoice Software 2.4SSBVFUAA  5» VOX024
DECvoiceBuilder Software for OpenVMS (Edt & Recd Studio) 1.1SSBMQ7AA  5» VAE011
DECvoiceBuilder Software for OpenVMS (Admin & RunTime) 1.1SSBMQ8AA  5» VAERT011
DECwindows 4125 Emulator for VMS 1.0SSBVZQAA  5» DW4125010
DECwindows DECnet SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 2.0ASSBVXBAA  5» SNADWTE020
DECwindows DECnet SNA 3270 TE/Japanese for OpenVMS 2.0ASSBVXBJA  9» SNADWTEJAA020
DECwindows H560 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 2.0ASSB05HJA  9» HDWTEA020
DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS 1.2-3ASSBXA1AA  1» DWMOTIFVAXU3012
DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS 1.2-4SSBXA1AA  1» DWMOTIFVAXU4012
DECwindows Motif/Hebrew for OpenVMS 1.2-4SSBXDDTA  6» DECWH$MOTIF_VAX4012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Cesky 1.2-3CSSB0RGVA  6» DECWMCS_CZU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Deutsch 1.2-3CSSBXDDGA  6» DECWMDE_DEU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Espa˝ol 1.2-3CSSBXDDSA  6» DECWMES_ESU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Franšais 1.2-3CSSBXDDPA  6» DECWMFR_FRU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Italiano 1.2-3CSSBXDDUA  6» DECWMIT_ITU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Magyar 1.2-3CSSB0RGUA  6» DECWMHU_HUU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Polski 1.2-3CSSBXDDWA  6» DECWMPL_PLU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Russkij 1.2-3CSSB0RGXA  6» DECWMRU_RUU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Slovenski 1.2-3CSSB0RGSA  6» DECWMSK_SKU3012
DECwindows Motif OpenVMS User Interface/Svenska 1.2-3CSSBXDDMA  6» DECWMSV_SEU3012
DECwindows Motif/Hangul for OpenVMS 1.2-3CSSBXA14A  10» DWMV_KO_KRU3012
DECwindows Motif/Hanyu for OpenVMS 1.2-3CSSBXA13A  10» DWMV_ZH_TWU3012
DECwindows Motif/Hanzi for OpenVMS 1.2-3CSSBXA12A  10» DWMV_ZH_CNU3012
DECwindows Motif/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.2-4SSBXA1JA  10» DWMV_JA_JPU4012
DECwindows Motif/Thai for OpenVMS 1.2-3CSSBXA15A  10» DWMV_TH_THU3012
DECwrite for OpenVMS VAX (American English) 3.1SSBVVFAA  1» DECWRITE031
DECwrite for OpenVMS VAX (British English) 3.1SSBVVFEA  1» DECWRITE031
DECwrite/British for OpenVMS VAX 3.0SSBVVFEA  7» DECWRITE030
DECwrite/Dansk for VMS 2.0SSBVVFDA  7» DECWRITEDA020
DECwrite/Deutsch for VMS 3.0SSBVVFGA  7» DECWRITEDE030
DECwrite/Espa˝ol for VMS 2.0SSBVVFSA  7» DECWRITEES020
DECwrite/Franšais for VMS 3.0SSBVVFPA  7» DECWRITEFR030
DECwrite/Hebrew for VMS 2.1SSBVVFTA  7» DECWRITEIW021
DECwrite/Italiano for VMS 2.1SSBVVFUA  7» DECWRITEIT021
DECwrite/Japanese for VMS/Japanese 2.0BSSBVVFJA  9» WRITEJA_MUPB020
DECwrite/Nederlands for VMS 2.0SSBVVFHA  7» DECWRITENE020
DECwrite/Norsk for VMS 2.0SSBVVFNA  7» DECWRITENO020
DECwrite/Suomi for VMS 2.0SSBVVFFA  7» DECWRITESU020
DECwrite/Svenska for VMS 2.0SSBVVFMA  7» DECWRITESE020
DIGITAL ACMS for OpenVMS (Development) 4.2SSB079AA  2» ACMSDEVV_042
DIGITAL ACMS for OpenVMS (Runtime) 4.2SSB076AA  2» ACMSRTOV_042
DIGITAL ACMS for OpenVMS (Remote) 4.2SSBY30AA  2» ACMSREMV_042
Digital ACMS DESKtop 2.3SSBGZGAA  2» ACMSDI023
DIGITAL Application Generator VB Development for Windows 3.0SSB5AGAA  2» DAGN030
DIGITAL Cartridge Server Component for OpenVMS 3.0SSBYWNAA  3» DCSC030
DIGITAL DECforms for OpenVMS (Development) 2.2SSBVCHAA  2» FORMS022
DIGITAL DECforms for OpenVMS (RunTime) 2.2SSBVNSAA  2» FORMSRT022
DIGITAL Device Access Software for Allen-Bradley INTERCHANGE 3.1SSB3PXAA Upd2» DASDTLV031
DIGITAL Device Access Software for Siemens 3964 3.1SSB4NNAA Upd2» DAS3964V031
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha (Develo01SAA 1.4SSB01SAA  2» DCEVAX014
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha (RunTim01SA9 1.4SSB01SA9  2» DCEVAX014
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha (CDS) 1.4SSB24DAA  2» DCEVAX014
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha (Sec) 1.4SSB24FAA  2» DCEVAX014
DIGITAL Extended Math Library for OpenVMS (Development) 2.0ASSBYEZAA  2» DXMLDVVVECO1020
DIGITAL Extended Math Library for OpenVMS (Runtime) 2.0ASSBMUSAA  2» DXMLRTVVECO1020
DIGITAL Fortran for OpenVMS VAX Systems 6.5SSB100AA  3» FORT065
DIGITAL GKS for OpenVMS VAX (Development) 6.5SSB810AA  2» DECGKS065
DIGITAL GKS for OpenVMS VAX (Runtime) 6.5SSB811AA  2» DECGKSRT065
DIGITAL OfficeServer for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha 4.0SSB5TBAA New1» A1040
DIGITAL OfficeServer Web Interface 4.0SSB5TEAA New1» DOSWI040
DIGITAL Optical Storage Desktop Software (OSDS) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha 3.4SSB0U9AA  3» OSDSV034
DIGITAL Optical Storage Management Software (OSMS) for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha 3.4SSB0UBAA  3» OSMSV034
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Application Services 1.2SSBMKJAA  3» R3270012
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Application Services (RunTime) 1.2SSBMKKAA  3» R3270012
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Data Stream Programming Interface for OpenVMS 1.5SSB363AA  5» SNA3270015
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.6SSB454AA  5» SNATE016
DIGITAL SNA APPC/LU6.2 Programming Interface for OpenVMS 2.3SSB022AA  5» SNALU62023
DIGITAL SNA Data Transfer Facility (Server) 3.2SSBVEBAA  5» SNADTFS032
DIGITAL SNA Data Transfer Facility (Client) 3.2SSBVEKAA  5» SNADTFU032
DIGITAL SNA Domain Gateway - CT 2.1ASSBMKHAA  5» SNAPU5021
DIGITAL SNA Domain Gateway - ST 2.1ASSB23DAA  5» SNAPU5021
DIGITAL SNA Printer Emulator for OpenVMS 1.3SSB044AA  5» SNAPRE013
DIGITAL SNA Remote Job Entry for OpenVMS 1.5SSB453AA  5» SNARJE015
Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS 4.1SSBVHRAA  1» UCX041
DIGITAL TCP/IP Services/Japanese for OpenVMS/Japanese 4.1SSBVHRJA  9» UCXJA041
Disk File Optimizer for OpenVMS 2.3SSBGJ8AA Upd5» DFG023
DSM for OpenVMS VAX Systems 6.6BMUP130AA Upd5» DSMVAXMUPB066
EDCS II (Server) 2.4ASSB518AA  3» EDCSVV024
EDCS II (Client) 2.4ASSB380AA  3» EDCSVV024
F6650 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2TKJA  9» F6650TEA010
F-RJE for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2THJA  9» FRJEA010
F-PrE for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2TJJA  9» FPREA010
H560 Terminal Emulator for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2TGJA  9» H560TEA010
Hierarchical Storage Management for OpenVMS 2.1SSB0NXAA  5» HSM021
HUBwatch for OpenVMS VAX 3.1SSB0GEAA  5» HUBWATCH031
H-PrE for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2TFJA  9» HPREA010
H-RJE for OpenVMS 1.0ASSB2TEJA  9» HRJEA010
IEX-VMS-Driver 4.4SSB519AA  5» IEX044
IXV11/VMS Driver 2.1SSBVHZAA  5» IXV11021
InfoServer Software 3.4SSBYSHAA  5» INFOSERV034
KAP for DEC C for OpenVMS VAX 1.1SSBMJ4AA  3» KCC011
KAP for DEC Fortran for OpenVMS VAX 1.1SSBMJ5AA  3» KFORT011
LAN Traffic Monitor 1.2SSBVEHAA  4» LTM012
MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for OpenVMS VAX 2.0SSB04QAA  5» MTA020
MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for OpenVMS 2.0SSB04RAA  5» MTA020
MAILbus 400 Message Router Gateway for OpenVMS 1.2SSB342AA  5» XMR012
MAILbus Directory Migration Toolkit for OpenVMS VAX 1.0SSB4Z0AA  5» XDDS010
MAILworks for OpenVMS 1.3ASSBYCZAA  1» A1MAIL013
MAILworks/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.3ASSBYCZJA  9» A1MAILJA013
MEP VT for DEC SNA 3270 Application Services 3.0SSB06CAA  5» MEPVT030
MUXserver 300 Remote Terminal Server for VMS 1.3SSBVT7AA  4» MS3013
MUXserver 320/380/90 Remote Terminal Server 2.0SSBYWLAA  4» MS380020
MicroVAX MIRA Switch Control 2.2SSB09TAA  4» MRA022
MicroVAX/DRQ3B Device Driver 1.4SSB0APAA  4» HX014
ObjectBroker for OpenVMS (Development) 2.7SSBXKAAA  2» OBBDEV027
ObjectBroker for OpenVMS (RunTime) 2.7SSBXKBAA  2» OBBRTO027
OPENVMS Cluster Software 7.1SSBVBRAA  1» VAXCLU071
OpenVMS SNA 2.2SSB362AA  3» SNAVMS022
OpenVMS/Hangul VAX Operating System 7.1SSB0014A  10» HANGUL071
OpenVMS/Hanyu VAX Operating System 7.1SSB0013A  10» HANYU071
OpenVMS/Hanzi VAX Operating System 7.1SSB0012A  10» HANZI071
OpenVMS/Japanese VAX Operating System 7.1SSB001JA  9» JVMS071
OpenVMS/Japanese VAX Operating System 7.0SSB001JA  9» JVMS070
OpenVMS/Thai VAX Operating System 7.0SSB0015A  10» THAI070
PATHWORKS for VMS (Macintosh) 1.3ASSBYPCAA Upd3» MSA013A
PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (NetWare) 1.0FSSB0ENAA Upd3» PWRKV50F050
PL/I for OpenVMS 3.5ASSB114AA  5» PLI035
POLYCENTER Capacity Planner 4.0AMUPGX3AA Upd4» ECPMUPA040
POLYCENTER Extended Lan Manager for OpenVMS VAX 1.4SSBGX8AA  4» MCCELM014
POLYCENTER Fault Diagnostic Package 1.4SSBMDLAA  4» MCCTCPIPDA014
POLYCENTER Framework Developer's Toolkit 1.4SSBYSWAA  4» MCCTK014
POLYCENTER Framework Historian Option 1.4SSBMDNAA  4» MCCHIS014
POLYCENTER Framework Notification Option 1.4SSBMDSAA  4» MCCNTF014
POLYCENTER Network Manager 200 1.4SSBYSUAA  4» MCCBMS014
POLYCENTER Network Manager 400 2.4SSBYFVAA  4» MCCEMS024
POLYCENTER Network Statistics Option 1.4SSBMDQAA  4» MCCSTA014
POLYCENTER Network Topology Option 1.4SSBMDJAA  4» MCCCNF014
POLYCENTER Save Set Manager for OpenVMS 1.3ASSB2YCAA  4» SAVESETUA013
POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha 3.0SSBGKLAA  4» INSPECT030
POLYCENTER Security Intrusion Detector for OpenVMS AXP and OpenVMS VAX 1.2AMUPMRNAA  4» RIDVMUPA012
POLYCENTER Security Reporting Facility for OpenVMS 2.1SSBGKMAA  4» DSRF021
POLYCENTER Terminal Server Access Module for OpenVMS 1.4SSBGVTAA  4» MCCTSAM014
PrintServer Software 5.1SSB0V9AA  1» LPS051
PrintServer Software/Japanese for OpenVMS 5.1SSB0V9JA  9» LPSJ051
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS VAX (Server) 2.2DSSBXNKAA  3» RTRVVM22D
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS VAX (Client) 2.2DSSBXNLAA  3» RTRVVM22D
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS VAX (Server) 3.1CMUPXNKAA  3» RTRVVM31C
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS VAX (Client) 3.1CMUPXNLAA  3» RTRVVM31C
RuleWorks 2.0SSB4W6AD  5» RUL020
RMS Journaling for OpenVMS VAX 7.1SSBVDVAA  1» RMSJNL071
Sequential Media Filesystem for OpenVMS 1.3SSB2AXAA  4» SMFS013
SSU for OpenVMS Systems 2.0SSBVE3AA  3» SSU020
Storage Library System for OpenVMS 2.9SSB0L7AA Upd3» SLS029
Storage Library System for OpenVMS (Remote) 2.9SSBYE8AA Upd3» SLSCLIENT029
StorageWorks Desktop Backup/Archiver Backup Server for OpenVMS VAX & AXP 2.1SSBMR1AA  5» DTB021
StorageWorks HSZ40 Array Controller Utility for OpenVMS 1.0SSB3DCAC  5» HSZTERM010
StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS 2.4SSB0MGAA  5» RAID024
TeamRoute for ALL-IN-1 OpenVMS VAX 1.3SSBGEZAA  1» TMRA1013
TeamRoute for VMS 1.0SSBGEXAA  1» TMR010
TeamRoute/Dansk for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZDA  7» TMRA1LDA011
TeamRoute/Deutsch for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZGA  7» TMRA1LDE011
TeamRoute/Espa˝ol for ALL-IN-1 1.0SSBGEZSA  7» TMRA1LES010
TeamRoute/Franšais for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZPA  7» TMRA1LFR011
TeamRoute/Italiano for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZUA  7» TMRA1LIT011
TeamRoute/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.0SSBGEXJA  9» JTMR010
TeamRoute/Nederlands for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZHA  7» TMRA1LNL011
TeamRoute/Norsk for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZNA  7» TMRA1LNO011
TeamRoute/Suomi for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZFA  7» TMRA1LFI011
TeamRoute/Svenska for ALL-IN-1 1.1SSBGEZMA  7» TMRA1LSV011
Terminal Server Manager 2.1SSBVDHAA  4» TSM021
VAX 2780/3780 Protocol Emulator 1.8SSB111AA  4» BSCPTP018
VAX ADE 2.5SSB425AA  4» ADE025
VAX COBOL Generator 1.4SSB365AA  5» GEN014
VAX COBOL for OpenVMS VAX Systems 5.4SSB099AA  5» COBOL054
VAX COBOL/Japanese for OpenVMS VAX 5.3SSB099JA  9» NCOBOL053
VAX DECgraph 1.6AMUP360AA  2» GRAPHMUPA016
VAX DECslide 1.4SSB361AA  2» SLIDE014
VAX Distributed Name Service 1.1ASSBVERAA  2» DNS011
VAX FMS (Runtime) 2.4SSBVD8AA  4» FMSFDV024
VAX LN03 Image Support Software 1.0SSBVZRAA  5» LN03IMAGE010
VAX Message Router (VMSmail Gateway) 3.3SSB730AA  5» MRGATE033
VAX Message Router (VMSmail Gateway) 3.3ASSB730AA  5» MRGATEA033
VAX Message Router (Base System) 3.3SSB732AA  5» MR033
VAX Message Router (Base System) 3.3ASSB732AA  5» MRA033
VAX Message Router (Programmer's Kit) 3.3SSB733AA  5» MRIF033
VAX Message Router X.400 Gateway 2.3SSBVDMAA  5» MRX023
VAX Message Router X.400 Gateway/Japanese 2.2SSBVDMJA  9» JMRX022
VAX Message Router/P Gateway 1.3SSBVCGAA  5» MRP013
VAX Message Router/S Gateway 1.3SSBVDUAA  5» MRS013
VAX Public Access Communications 1.3SSBVFHAA  5» VAXPAC013
VAX Real-Time Accelerator Software 2.0ASSBVJNAA  5» VRTA020
VAX Remote Environmental Monitoring Software 1.4SSBVI5AA  5» REMS014
VAX TDMS (Runtime) 1.9ASSB711AA  3» TDMSRTO019
VAX-11 RSX 2.5SSB382AA  5» RSX025
VAXeln KAV Toolkit Extensions for VMS 1.1SSBGESAA  5» KAV011
VAXeln KMV1A Tool Kit 1.1SSB0JPAA  5» KMV_ELNTOOL011
VAXeln Toolkit 4.6SSB375AA  5» ELN046
VAXft System Services 2.0SSBYEAAA  3» FTSS020
VMS License Management Facility 1.1SSBXANAA  4» LMF011
Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS VAX 7.1SSBAB2AA  1» VOLSHD071
VMS Workstation Software/Japanese 4.4SSBA96JA  9» JVWS044