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Software Products Library (SPL)
OpenVMS VAX - Q299

Master Index (Changes Only) - June 1999

Last published: March 1999

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
BASEstar Open Server (Development) 3.2SSB0X7AA Upd3BSTROSVV032
BASEstar Open Server (RunTime) 3.2SSB0X6AA Upd3BSTROSVV032
BASEstar Open Client 3.2SSB0Y8AA Upd3BSTROCVV032
Compaq COBOL for OpenVMS VAX 5.6SSB099AA Upd5COBOL056
Compaq COBOL/Japanese for OpenVMS VAX 5.6SSB099JA Upd9NCOBOL056
Compaq Pascal for OpenVMS VAX Systems 5.7SSB126AA Upd3PASCAL057
DECdocument for OpenVMS Systems 3.3SSBVEEAA Upd4DOC033
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS 1.7SSB09NAA Upd2DCPSVAX017
DECprint Supervisor/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.6SSB09NJA Upd9DCPSJ016
DECwindows Motif/Japanese for OpenVMS 1.2-5SSBXA1JA Upd10DWMV_JA_JPU5012
DIGITAL Capacity Planner 5.1SSBGX3AA Upd4ECP051
DIGITAL Capacity Planner Data Analyzer 5.1SSB5YRAA New4ECP051
DIGITAL Capacity Planner Data Collector 5.1SSB5Z8AA New4ECP051
DIGITAL Capacity Planner Reducer 5.1SSB5YMAA New4ECP051
DIGITAL Office Server for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha 5.0SSB5TBAA Upd1A1050
DIGITAL TCP/IP Services/Japanese for OpenVMS/Japanese 5.0SSBVHRJA Upd9UCXJA050
DSM for OpenVMS VAX Systems 7.2SSB130AA Upd5DSMVAX072
MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for OpenVMS VAX 2.0CSSB04RAA Upd5MTAC020
MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for OpenVMS VAX 2.0CSSB04QAA Upd5MTAC020
MAILbus 400 Message Router Gateway for OpenVMS 1.2CSSB342AA Upd5XMRC012
OpenVMS/Hangul VAX Operating System 7.2SSB0014A Upd10HANGUL072
OpenVMS/Hanyu VAX Operating System 7.2SSB0013A Upd10HANYU072
OpenVMS/Hanzi VAX Operating System 7.2SSB0012A Upd10HANZI072
OpenVMS/Japanese VAX Operating System 7.2SSB001JA Upd9JVMS072
Storage Library System for OpenVMS (Server) 2.9CSSB0L7AA Upd3SLSC029
Storage Library System for OpenVMS (Client) 2.9CSSBYE8AA Upd3SLSC029