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Software Products Library (SPL)
OpenVMS AXP - Q297

Master Index (Changes Only) - June 1997

Last published: February 1997

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
2780/3780 Protocol Emulators for OpenVMS AXP 1.1SSB5CWAA Upd3AXPBSCPTP011
DEC C for OpenVMS Alpha 5.6SSBMU7AA Upd2CC056
DEC Network Integration Server Software 4.0SSBGX7AE Upd3NISAXP040
DECdocument for OpenVMS Systems 3.2SSB3WKAA Upd3DOC032
DECmessageQ for OpenVMS (Development) 3.2CSSB0HJAA Upd4DMQAXPMUPB032
DECmessageQ for OpenVMS (RunTime) 3.2CSSB0HKAA Upd4DMQAXPMUPB032
DECwindows Motif/Hebrew for OpenVMS 1.2-4SSB08UTA Upd7DECWH$MOTIF_AXP4012
DIGITAL ACMS for OpenVMS (Development) 4.2SSB2PZAA Upd1ACMSDEVA_042
DIGITAL ACMS for OpenVMS (Remote) 4.2SSB2Q0AA Upd1ACMSREMA_042
DIGITAL DECforms for OpenVMS (Development) 2.2SSB0J8AA Upd1FORMSA022
DIGITAL DECforms for OpenVMS (RunTime) 2.2SSB0J9AA Upd1FORMSRTA022
DIGITAL GKS for OpenVMS Alpha (Development) 6.5SSB02UAA Upd1AXPGKS065
DIGITAL GKS for OpenVMS Alpha (RunTime) 6.5SSB02VAA Upd1AXPGKSRT065
KAP for DIGITAL C for OpenVMS 3.1SSB0HFAA Upd2KCC031
KAP for DIGITAL Fortran for OpenVMS 3.1SSB0HAAA Upd2KFORT031
DIGITAL Open3D for OpenVMS Alpha 4.3SSB0ADAA Upd2OPEN3D043
DIGITAL Open3D for OpenVMS Alpha 3.6SSB0ADAA Upd2OPEN3D036
Digital SNA Domain Gateway - CT 2.1SSBMKHAA New3SNAPU5021
Digital SNA Domain Gateway - ST 2.1SSB23DAA New3SNAPU5021
DIGITAL X.500 Directory Services (Server) 3.1SSB2NZAA Upd3DXDA031
DIGITAL X.500 Directory Services (Administration Facility) 3.1SSB2P0AA Upd3DXDA031
DSM/Japanese for OpenVMS Alpha 6.4CMUP00ZJA Upd10DSMJAXPMUPC064
OpenVMS/Hangul Alpha Operating System 7.1SSBMT14A New6OPENVMSALPHA_KR071
OpenVMS/Hanyu Alpha Operating System 7.1SSBMT13A New6OPENVMSALPHA_TW071
OpenVMS/Hanzi Alpha Operating System 7.1SSBMT12A New6OPENVMSALPHA_CN071
OpenVMS/Japanese Operating System for Alpha 7.1SSBMT1JA New10JSYVMSAXP071
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS AXP (Full Function) 3.1CMUP2AQAA Upd3RTRAVM31C
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS AXP (Client) 3.1CMUP2ARAA Upd3RTRAVM31C
Sequential Media Filesystem for OpenVMS 1.3SSB2AYAA Upd4SMFS013
StorageWorks RAID Software for OpenVMS 2.4SSB0MGAA Upd6RAID024