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Software Products Library (SPL)
OpenVMS AXP - Q199

Master Index (Changes Only) - March 1999

Last published: December 1998

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
Advanced Server for OpenVMS 7.2SSBA93AA Upd4ASOVMS072
Archive/Backup System for OpenVMS (Server) 2.2ASSB5W2AA Upd6ABSA022
Archive/Backup System for OpenVMS (Client) 2.2ASSB5W1AA Upd6ABSA022
COM for OpenVMS 1.0SSB66YAA New1DCOM010
DEC Pascal for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 5.7SSB098AA Upd2PASCAL057
DECdfs for OpenVMS 2.3SSBVEQAA Upd6DECDFS023
DECforms/Hangul for OpenVMS (Development) 2.1B1SSB0J84A Upd10FORMSAANB1021
DECforms/Hangul for OpenVMS (RunTime) 2.1B1SSB0J94A Upd10FORMSRTAANB1021
DECforms/Hanyu for OpenVMS (Development) 2.1B1SSB0J83A Upd10FORMSAANB1021
DECforms/Hanyu for OpenVMS (RunTime) 2.1B1SSB0J93A Upd10FORMSRTAANB1021
DECforms/Hanzi for OpenVMS (Development) 2.1B1SSB0J82A Upd10FORMSAANB1021
DECforms/Hanzi for OpenVMS Alpha (RunTime) 2.1B1SSB0J92A Upd10FORMSRTAANB1021
DECforms/Japanese for OpenVMS Alpha (Development) 2.1B1SSB0J8JA Upd7FORMSAANB1021
DECforms/Japanese for OpenVMS Alpha (RunTime) 2.1B1SSB0J9JA Upd7FORMSRTAANB1021
DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS Alpha 7.2SSBMTFAA Upd3DNVOSI072
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS 1.6SSB09NAB Upd2DCPSAXP016
DECram for OpenVMS 2.3SSBMV3AA Upd4DECRAM023
DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS 1.2-5SSBMV4AA Upd5DWMOTIFAXPU5012
DIGITAL C++ for OpenVMS Alpha 6.1SSB0HQAA Upd2CXX061
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS (Develop) 1.5SSB24CAA Upd7DCEALP015
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS (RunTime) 1.5SSB24CA9 Upd7DCEALP015
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS (CDS) 1.5SSB24EAA Upd7DCEALP015
DIGITAL Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS (Security) 1.5SSB24GAA Upd7DCEALP015
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Application Services (Development) 1.3SSB2FKAA Upd3R3270013
DIGITAL SNA 3270 Application Services (RunTime) 1.3SSB2FLAA Upd3R3270013
DIGITAL SNA Data Transfer Facility for OpenVMS (Server) 3.3SSB205AA Upd3SNADTFS033
DIGITAL SNA Data Transfer Facility for OpenVMS (Utility) 3.3SSB206AA Upd3SNADTFU033
Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS 5.0SSB0LXAA Upd3UCXAXP050
DIGITAL TP Desktop Connector 3.1SSBGZGAA Upd7ACMSDI031
POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for OpenVMS 3.1SSB2UTAA Upd4INSPECT031
POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility 1.0SSBIOU02 New1PCSI010