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Software Products Library (SPL)
OpenVMS AXP - Q198

Master Index (Changes Only) - March 1998

Last published: November 1997

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
Archive/Backup System for OpenVMS (Server) 2.2SSB5W2AA New6ABS022
Archive/Backup System for OpenVMS (Client) 2.2SSB5W1AA New6ABS022
BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS Alpha (Development) 3.4ASSB0YDAA Upd2BCCVAA034
BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS Alpha (Runtime) 3.4ASSB0YEAA Upd2BCCVAA034
DEC C for OpenVMS Alpha 5.7SSBMU7AA Upd2CC057
DEC Network Integration Server Software 4.1SSBGX7AE Upd3NISAXP041
DEC/EDI for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha 3.2SSB2QSAA Upd3DECEDIA032
DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS 1.4SSB09NAB Upd2DCPSAXP014
DIGITAL COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 2.5SSB0JUAA Upd2COBOL025
DIGITAL Enterprise Mail Monitor 3.0SSB4XGAA New1NAMONSRVV030
DIGITAL Enterprise Mail Monitor (A1 Scanning Module) 3.0SSB5TQAA New1NAMONSSMV030
DIGITAL Enterprise Mail Monitor (MAILbus Scanning Module) 3.0SSB5TSAA New1NAMONSSMV030
DIGITAL Enterprise Mail Monitor (MailWorks Scanning Module) 3.0SSB5TNAA New1NAMONSSMV030
DIGITAL Enterprise Mail Monitor (Office Srvr Scanning Module) 3.0SSB5TPAA New1NAMONSSMV030
DIGITAL NAS Client 150 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 8.1ASSB36NAA Upd6NAS_CLIENT_150
DIGITAL NAS Base Server 200 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 8.1ASSB23EAA Upd6NAS_BASE_SERVER
DIGITAL NAS Client 250 for OpenVMS Alpha Workstations 8.1ASSBXVEAA Upd6NAS_CLIENT
DIGITAL NAS Server 300 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 8.1ASSBXV9AA Upd6NAS_SERVER
DIGITAL NAS Production Server 400 for OpenVMS Alpha Systems 8.1ASSB23RAA Upd6NAS_PROD_SERVER
DIGITAL Office Server for OpenVMS 4.0ASSB5TBAA Upd1A1A040
DIGITAL Office Server/Deutsch for OpenVMS 4.0ASSB5TBGA New9A1LDEA040
DIGITAL Office Server/Franšais for OpenVMS 4.0ASSB5TBPA New9A1LFRA040
DIGITAL Office Server/Nederlands for OpenVMS 4.0ASSB5TBHA New9A1LNLA040
DIGITAL Office Server/Svenska for OpenVMS 4.0ASSB5TBMA New9A1LSVA040
DIGITAL Open3D for OpenVMS Alpha 4.6SSB0ADAA Upd2OPEN3D046
Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS AXP 4.2SSB0LXAA Upd3UCXAXP042
DSM for OpenVMS 7.0SSB00ZAA Upd2DSMAXP070
PL/I for OpenVMS 4.2SSB0HZAA Upd2DPLI042
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS (Full Function) 3.1DSSB2AQAA Upd3RTRAVM031D
Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS (Client) 3.1DSSB2ARAA Upd3RTRAVM031D
Storage Library System for OpenVMS (Server) 2.9BSSB0YPAA Upd6SLSB029
Storage Library System for OpenVMS (Remote) 2.9BSSB0YQAA Upd6SLSB029