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Digital UNIX - Q397

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Master Index (Extended) - July 1997

Last published: March 1997

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
ACMS Desktop for DEC OSF/1 2.1SSBGZGAC  2adi210
All-In-1 Web Interface for Digital UNIX 1.0SSB50CAA  3awi100
BASEstar Graphics Enabler 2.3SSB20MAA  2bge230
BASEstar Open Client for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB0YBAA  2boc300
BASEstar Open Server for Digital UNIX (Development) 3.0SSB0XBAA  2bst300
BASEstar Open Server for Digital UNIX (Runtime) 3.0SSB0XAAA  2bst300
Basestar Open DAS for Allen-Bradley Data Highway 3.0SSB11FAA  2abd300
Basestar Open DAS for MODICON 3.0SSB11HAA  2mod300
CICS Cell Server for Digital UNIX 2.1BSSB3KVAA Upd2cics21b
CICS Client for Digital UNIX 2.1BSSB3KUAA Upd2cics21b
CICS Server for Digital UNIX 2.1BSSB3KTAA Upd2cics21b
DASWare for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB4NGAA  2dasw300
DEC Ada Professional Development Option for Digital UNIX Systems 3.3SSB0VSAA  1ada330
DEC Ada for Digital UNIX Systems 3.3SSB0HMAA  1ada330
DEC C++ for Digital UNIX Systems 5.6SSBMTRAA Upd1cxx560
DEC COBOL for Digital UNIX Systems 2.4SSB2BZAA  1dca240
DEC COBOL/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 AXP 2.1SSB2BZJA  3nco210
DEC FUSE for Digital UNIX 4.0SSB092AA Upd1fus400
DEC FUSE/Japanese for Digital UNIX 2.1ASSB092JA  3jfs21a
DEC MAILworks/Hangul Server for DEC OSF/1 1.0AMUP0PC4A  3amw10a
DEC Network Integration Server Software 4.0SSBGX7AD  3nia400
DEC Pascal for Digital UNIX 5.5SSBMUKAA  1dpo550
DEC SNA 3270 Data Stream Programming Interface/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 1.0SSB3HJJA  3sjd100
DEC SNA 3270 Terminal/Print Services for OSF/1 1.0SSB30GAA  2snt100
DEC SNA APPC/LU6.2 Run Time for OSF/1 1.0SSB30CAA  3snl100
DEC SNA APPC/LU6.2 Tool Kit for OSF/1 1.0SSB30DAA  3snk100
DEC SNA HLLAPI Tool Kit for OSF/1 1.0SSB30FAA  2snh100
DEC SNA Peer Server 1.3SSB2D7AA  2t21130
DEC SNA Printer Emulator/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 1.0SSB3H0JA  3sjp100
DEC SNA RJE for OSF/1 1.0SSB30HAA  2snr100
DEC SNA Remote Job Entry/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 1.0SSB3H1JA  3sjr100
DEC SoftPC 6.0/Softwindows 2.0 for Digital UNIX 6.0SSB0HSAA  2spc600
DEC/EDI for Digital UNIX 3.1AMUP2Y1AA  2dedi31a
DEChub Consolidated Firmware for Digital UNIX 4.1BSSB32TAC  2hfw41b
DECmessageQ for Digital UNIX (Development) 3.2AMUP2W7AA  1dma32a
DECmessageQ for Digital UNIX (Runtime) 3.2AMUP2W8AA  1dma32a
DECmigrate for DEC OSF/1 AXP Systems 1.2SSBMWNAA  2dmg120
DECnet/OSI for Digital UNIX (End System) 4.0AMUPMTJAA  1dna40a
DECnet/OSI for Digital UNIX (Extended Function) 4.0AMUPMTKAA  1dna40a
DEComni API for for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB0YTAA  2dou300
DEComni MMS for for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB2YUAA  2doumms300
DECosap AP for for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB0Z8AA  2sap300
DECosap H1 for for Digital UNIX 3.0SSB0Z7AA  2sh1300
DECtalk Software for Digital UNIX (Development) 4.2ASSB228AA  2dtk42a
DECtalk Software for Digital UNIX (Runtime) 4.2ASSB55WAM  2dtx42a
DECwatchdog/Autopilot for OSF/1 AXP 2.1SSB0ZMAA  2wdx210
DECwindows SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator for DEC OSF/1 2.1ASSB30AAA  3sna21a
DECwindows SNA 3270 Terminal Emulator/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 2.1ASSB30AJA  3snja21a
DIGITAL Capacity Planner 4.0AMUP23QAA Upd2ecp40a
DIGITAL GKS for DIGITAL UNIX (Development) 6.5SSB02WAA  1gkd650
DIGITAL GKS for DIGITAL UNIX (RunTime) 6.5SSB02XAA  1gkr650
DIGITAL Optical Storage Desktop Software for DIGITAL UNIX 1.5SSB2VPAA  3osds150
DIGITAL Optical Storage Management Software for DIGITAL UNIX 1.5SSB2VRAA  3osms150
DIGITAL PHIGS for DIGITAL UNIX (Develoment) 5.1SSB0A8AA Upd1pho510
DIGITAL PSE for DIGITAL UNIX Alpha Systems 1.3SSB2ATAA  1pse130
DIGITAL SNA APPC/LU6.2 Programming Interface for DIGITAL UNIX (Development) 3.1SSB4URAA  2snp310
DIGITAL SNA APPC/LU6.2 Programming Interface for DIGITAL UNIX (Runtime) 3.1SSB4UQAA  2snp310
DIGITAL SNA Domain Gateway for Channel Transport for DIGITAL UNIX 2.1SSBMKHAB Upd2snapu5210
DIGITAL SNA Domain Gateway for Synchronous Transport 2.1SSB23DAB Upd2snapu5210
DIGITAL SNA Peer Server 1.4SSB2D7AA Upd2t21140
DSM DEC OSF/1 AXP 1.0CMUP0W0AA  2dsm10c
DSM/Japanese for Digital UNIX 1.0CMUP0W0JA  3jds10c
Digital Device Access Software for Allen-Bradley Interchange 3.0SSB53TAA  2dasd300
Digital Device Access Software for Siemens 3964 3.0SSB4NLAA  2dass300
Digital Extended Math Library (Development) 3.3AMUPMUXAA  1xmd33a
Digital Extended Math Library (RunTime) 3.3AMUPMUYAA  1xmr33a
Digital Fortran for Digital UNIX Alpha Systems 4.1SSBMV2AA  1dfa410
Digital SNA 3270 Application Services for Digital UNIX 1.2SSB2UAAA  2snar120
Digital Speech Recognition Software for Digital UNIX 1.1ASSB4AYAA  3dsrs11a
Digital X.500 Administration Facility for Digital UNIX 3.1SSB2FZAA  1dxd310
Digital X.500 Directory Service for Digital UNIX 3.1SSB2FYAA  1dxd310
Diskless Driver for Digital UNIX 2.0SSB5FZAA  2ddu200
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for Digital UNIX (App Dev Kit) 2.0ASSB01NAA  1dce20a
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for Digital UNIX (Cell Dir Srvr) 2.0ASSB01PAA  1dce20a
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for Digital UNIX (RunTime) 2.0ASSB01MAA  1dce20a
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for Digital UNIX (Security Srvr) 2.0ASSB01QAA  1dce20a
Distributed Computing Environment/Japanese 2.0SSB01MJA  3dcj200
F-RJE for DEC OSF/1 1.0SSB3L0JA  2fjr100
F6680 Data Stream Programming Interface for DEC OSF/1 1.0SSB3KZJA  2fjd100
HUBwatch for Digital UNIX 4.1SSB0MWAA  2hbw410
InfoBroker Server for Digital UNIX 2.1AMUP2VHAA  1ibx21a
Intelligent Peripheral Fault Manager 1.0SSB4K4AA  2ipfm100
KAP Fortran 90 for Digital UNIX 3.1AMUP4GAAA Upd1kf931a
KAP for C for Digital UNIX 3.1AMUP0HHAA Upd1kpc31a
KAP for DEC Fortran for Digital UNIX 3.1AMUP0HGAA Upd1kpf31a
MAILbus 400 Application Program Interface for Digital UNIX 2.0SSB0NMAA  2mtax200
MAILbus 400 Message Store for Digital UNIX 1.2SSB2F8AA  2xmsa120
MAILbus 400 Message Transfer Agent for Digital UNIX 2.0SSB0NLAA  2mtaa200
MAILbus 400 SMTP Gateway for Digital UNIX 2.1SSB0NNAA  2sxa210
MAILbus 400 SMTP Gateway/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 1.1ASSB0NNJA  3sxj11a
MUXserver 320/380/90 Remote Terminal 2.0SSBYWLAC  2ms8200
MailWorks for UNIX 2.0SSB0PCAA  1dmw200
MailWorks/Japanese for UNIX 2.0SSB0PCJA  3jmw200
Micro Focus COBOL Compiler and Development Tools for Digital UNIX (App Server) 4.0ASSB5SAAA  1mfo40a
Micro Focus COBOL Compiler and Development Tools for Digital UNIX 4.0ASSB5S9AA  1mfc40a
Multimedia Services for Digital UNIX (Runtime) 2.2SSB20YAA  2mme220
Multimedia Services for Digital UNIX (Development) 2.2SSB20ZAA  2mme220
NetWorker Save and Restore for DIGITAL UNIX 4.3SSB2ALAA Upd2brx430
ObjectBroker for UNIX (Development) 2.7SSB0TSAA  1obb270
ObjectBroker for UNIX (Runtime) 2.7SSB0TTAA  1obr270
PATHWORKS for Digital UNIX (Advanced Server) 6.1ASSB2CPAA  1pwk61a
PATHWORKS for Digital UNIX (NetWare) 5.0CSSB3Q1AA  1pwk50c
POLYCENTER Advanced File System Utilities for Digital UNIX 4.0ASSB0EGAA  2afa40a
POLYCENTER Common Agent Developer's Toolkit for OSF/1 AXP 1.1SSB00YAA  2edo110
POLYCENTER NetWorker Save and Restore for DIGITAL UNIX 4.2BSSB2ALAA  2brx42b
POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager for Digital UNIX 2.5SSB2K8AA  2soa250
POLYCENTER Security Intrusion Detector for Digital UNIX 1.2AMUP33XAA  2ido12a
PostScript Printing Services/Japanese for DEC OSF/1 AXP 1.0SSB2KNJA  3ppj100
PrintServer Software for DEC OSF/1 AXP 5.1SSB0V9AJ  1lps510
PrintServer Software/Japanese for Digital UNIX 5.1SSB0V9JJ  3jls510
Reliable Transaction Router for Digital UNIX (Client) 3.1CSSB2K2AA  2rtr31c
Reliable Transaction Router for Digital UNIX 3.1CSSB2K3AA  2rtr31c
SCSI CAM Layered Components for DIGITAL UNIX 3.1BSSB2C1AA Upd2clc31b
StorageWorks HSZ40 Array Controller Utility for Digital UNIX 1.1ASSB3DCAA  3swa11a
TeMIP ASCII Management Toolkit for Digital UNIX 3.1SSB3GWAA  3tat310
TeMIP Framework for Digital UNIX 3.1SSB4RCAA  3tfr310
TeMIP OSI Management Toolkit for Digital UNIX 2.1SSB2HEAA  3noe210
VXT Terminal Software/Japanese (Host Base) 2.1SSBXNGJC  3vxj210
VxWorks Realtime Tools for Alpha 3.2ASSB2JRAA  2vxw32a
WAN Support for DIGITAL UNIX Systems 3.0SSBMVDAA Upd3xxa300