!#Title: April 2008 Tru64 UNIX Software Products Library Cover Letter

HP Tru64 UNIX® Software Products Library
Q2 April 2008

Welcome to this quarter's Tru64 UNIX Software Products Library Package.  

ASTAware Search Engine Fixed for Microsoft® Windows® Vista

The ASTAware search engine, used with the Online Documentation Library (ODL), has been fixed to support searches running with Windows Vista.

When the ODL CD is used with Windows Vista, a window briefly opens that starts the search engine. When the window goes away, the user may then do searches on the ODL CD.

Software Products Library Website

You are invited to visit our Website, http://www.hp.com/software/SPL.  

>	SPL Master Index

Special web versions of the Software Products Library Master Indexes have been linked to underlying product information.  If you are looking for details of what is shipping or ship history for previous product versions this helpful information is availabl
The SPL master index is also included on Disc #1 of the SPL CD-ROMs.

>	Software Products Library Web Downloads

The web versions of the Software Products Library Master Indexes permit you to download the software kits for layered products in this library.  Look for the download link at the individual product level at:  http://h30266.www3.hpe.com/  

A link to SPL Download page can be found on the left navigation bar under “Software 
Updates Service and Download Information”.

Software Library customers may use the following for access:
Domain name:      
The username and password will be updated each quarter.  

A copy of this quarter’s Cover Letter in html and text formats, including username and password, can be found on SPL Disc #1, [README].  The html format provides easy access to information through the embedded hyperlinks.

Refer to the “SPL Download Information” web page for more details:   

>	The Online Documentation Library (ODL) Master Index

The ODL master index is available for online viewing and downloads at: 

The ODL master index is also included on the ODL CD.

>	Archived Bookreader

The Archived Bookreader ODL CD image is available for download or viewing by platform at: http://h30266.www3.hpe.com/odl/bkb/bookreader.shtml 

>	SPL Offerings Table

This document describes the quarterly subscription choices and distribution content, and is available online at http://h30266.www3.hpe.com/SPLofferings.shtml

Your comments regarding our Web pages are welcomed by sending email to 

Current and Future Removals

Current Software Products Library Removals (April 2008)

Product Name       UPILV      Version

Future Software Products Library Removals due for Retirement (July 2008)
Product Name       UPILV      Version

Products Shipping Two Versions

Product Name              		UPILV           Versions Shipping
Compaq  Open3D for Compaq 
	Tru64 UNIX			0AFAA			4.96
Powerstorm 4D40T/4D50T/4D60T/
	4D51T UNIX Graphics 
	Support for Tru64 UNIX		0AFAA			5.03
Compaq SNA Peer Server for 
	Tru64 UNIX			2D7AA			1.5A
Compaq SNA Peer Server for 
	Tru64 UNIX			2D7AA			1.6
Compaq Wide Area Networking 
	for Tru64 UNIX 4.0 F/G		MVDAA			3.0B
HP Wide Area Networking for 
	Tru64 UNIX 5.0x			MVDAA			4.1B
Multimedia Services for Compaq 
	Tru64 UNIX (Dev & Rt) 
	4.0F & 5.0A			20ZAA			3.0
Multimedia Services for Compaq 
	Tru64 UNIX (Dev & Rt) 5.1	20ZAA			3.1

Software Compatibility Matrix

Please refer to the Software Compatibility Matrix or Software Product Description for Operating System Support information.  The Software Compatibility Matrix shows the minimum and maximum Operating System versions supported by each software product on th

Full-Kit Software Patches are included on the Software Products Library
Please be aware that some products will ship a "Full-Kit Software Patch" on the Software Products Library.  The “Full-Kit Software Patch” will be delivered either as a replacement or as an additional revision for the currently shipping software product.  

HP Services Tools CD

The Services Tools CD included with the Software Products Library each time the CD updates, contains analysis, diagnosis and remote support software, for example WEBES and ISEE, for use by HP’s service engineers and HP’s Authorized Service Provider servic

The Services Tools CD and associated web pages may contain new diagnosis software that is applicable to the system and should be reviewed for the most recent updates to the diagnosis tools. http://h18023.www1.hp.com/support/svctools/   

Mature Product Support Program 

HP offers a Mature Product Support service for products that are functionally complete, stable, and have no new versions planned for release.   Products on the Software Products Library media will continue to be included on the quarterly distributions aft
For more information on Mature Products Support and to view a list of the eligible products, visit the Web page for Software Support Services for Legacy Software for Americas/Asia Pacific and Europe:  

Licensing Information   

A valid software product license is required to access and use each software product on the Software Products Library.  License to Use a new revision of a software product is provided through a Support Agreement that lists Software Updates Service for eac

A Final Note

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Software Products Library, please contact us at SPLsupport@ACLabs.com.

Please note that this email address will reach the Software Products Library only. Questions regarding individual product performance should continue to be worked through your local support team.  

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