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OpenVMS I64 OE - Q417

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Master Index (Extended) - September 2017

Last published: June 2015

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
AXIS2 for OpenVMS Integrity 1.0SSBFOE14  1» AXIS2
CSWS_Java for HP Secure Web Server for OpenVMS 7.0-29SSBFOEVA  1» CSWS_Java_I64729
CSWS_Perl (mod_Perl) 2.1SSBFOEXA  1» CSWS_Perl_I64
CSWS_PHP for HP Secure Web Server for OpenVMS 5.2-17SSBFOEYA  1» CSWS_PHP_I64
Distributed Netbeans for OpenVMS 7.0.1SSBFOEIA  1» DISTNETBNS701
HP ANT for OpenVMS I64 1.7-1SSBFOE15  1» ANT171
HP Availability Manager for OpenVMS I64 (Data Collector) 3.1SSBEOE3A  1» AVAILMGR031
HP Common Internet File System (CIFS) 1.2ECO1FOE11  1» CIFS012ECO1
HP Debug Clients for OpenVMS I64 1.1SSBFOE4A  1» DBUGCLI64011
HP DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) for OpenVMS 2.7-AECO1FOEBA  1» DCPSI64027A
HP DECprint Supervisor/Japanese for OpenVMS 2.7SSBFOEUJ  1» DCPSI64J027
HP DECwindows Motif/Hangul for OpenVMS 1.6SSBFOEVK  1» KDECWI64016
HP DECwindows Motif/Hanzi for OpenVMS 1.6SSBFOEVS  1» CDECWI64016
HP DECwindows Motif/Japanese for OpenVMS I64 1.7SSBFOEVJ  1» JDECWI64017
HP Kerberos for OpenVMS 3.2SSBFOEHA  1» KERBEROS32
HP OPC Transport for OpenVMS Integrity Servers 1.0SSBFOE12  1» OPCTRANS
HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness (Facility) 5.6ECO1FOELA  1» DXDI056
HP OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness (Server) 5.6ECO1FOEKA  1» DXDI056
HP OpenVMS/Hangul Operating System for I64 8.3SSBFOEWK  1» VMSHG083_I64
HP OpenVMS/Hangul Operating System for I64 8.3-1HECO1FOEWK  1» VMSHG0831H1
HP OpenVMS/Hanzi Operating System for I64 8.3SSBFOEWS  1» VMSHZ083_I64
HP OpenVMS/Hanzi Operating System for I64 8.3-1HECO1FOEWS  1» VMSHZ0831H1
HP OpenVMS/Japanese Operating System for I64 8.3-1HSSBFOEWJ  1» JVMS0831H1
HP OpenVMS/Japanese Operating System for I64 8.4SSBFOEWJ  1» JVMS084_I64
HP OpenVMS Management Station for OpenVMS I64 3.3ASSBEOE4A  1» MGMTSTATION33A
HP Performance Agent for OpenVMS 4.0-40SSBEOE9A  1» OVPA40
HP Reliable Transaction Router for OpenVMS (Back) 5.2SSBMCO1A  1» RTRI64052
HP Secure Web Browser (SWB) 1.1-12SSBFOE16  1» SWB_I64_SEA
HP Secure Web Server (SWS) 2.2SSBFOEOA  1» SWS_I64
HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS 5.7ECO2FOEDA  1» TCPIP057ECO2
HP WBEM/CIM for OpenVMS I64 2.9-9SSBFOE10  1» WBEMCIMI64
HP WBEM Providers 2.2-3SSBFOE13  1» WBEMPROVI64
HP Web Services Integration Toolkit for OpenVMS (WSIT) 3.4-1SSBFOEUA  1» WSIT_I64
HP XML Technology (XML-C++) 3.0SSBFOESA  1» XMLCI64
Java[TM] SE Development Kit (JDK) for the OpenVMS Integrity servers Operating System for the Java[TM] Platform 8.0SSBFOEMA Upd1» JSDK_80