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OpenVMS I64 - Q315

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Master Index (Extended) - September 2015

Last published: May 2013

Product Name Version Kittype UPILV Status CD Directory
VSI ABS/MDMS (Archive Backup Server/Media Device & Management System)-Client 4.6SSBVLA0A New1» ABSCLIENT046
VSI ABS/MDMS (Archive Backup Server/Media Device & Management System)-Server 4.6SSBVLA1A New1» ABSSERVER046
VSI ACMS (Development) 5.2SSBVLA2A New1» ACMSDEV052
VSI ACMS (Remote) 5.2SSBVLA3A New1» ACMSREM052
VSI ACMS (Run Time) 5.2SSBVLA4A New1» ACMSRT052
VSI C 7.4-01SSBVLA6A New1» CC07401
VSI COBOL 3.1-7-1SSBVLA7A New1» COBOL03171
VSI DECdfs 2.5SSBVLA8A New1» DFS025
VSI DECforms (Development) 4.1SSBVLA9A New1» FORMSDEV041
VSI DECforms (Run Time) 4.1SSBVLB0A New1» FORMSRT041
VSI DECset (includes CMS, DTM, ENVMGR, LSE, MMS, PCS, SCA) 12.9SSBVLB1A New1» DECSET0129
VSI DFG (Disk File Optimizer) 3.2SSBVLB2A New1» DFG032
VSI DTR (Datatrieve) 7.4SSBVLB3A New1» DTR074
VSI FMS (Forms Management System)-Development 2.6SSBVLB4A New1» FMSDEV026
VSI FMS (Forms Management System)-Run Time 2.6SSBVLB5A New1» FMSRT026
VSI Fortran 8.3-1-1SSBVLB6A New1» FORT08311
VSI MRU (Media Robot Utility) 1.9SSBVLB7A New1» MRU019
VSI Pascal 6.2SSBVLB8A New1» PASCAL062
VSI SSM (Save Set Manager) 1.9SSBVLB9A New1» SSM019
VSI TDMS (Terminal Data Management System)-Development 2.1SSBVLC0A New1» TDMSDEV021
VSI TDMS (Terminal Data Management System)-Run Time 2.1SSBVLC1A New1» TDMSRT021