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  Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Agreement entitlements regarding downloading software off   this website for SPL Software Update Service customers

1. Only current subscribers of the SPL Kit may download software from the SPL website, thus login
    credentials change quarterly. As long as a customer is a subscriber, login credentials will be
    made available in the SPL Cover Letter. If a customer uses the  Software updates and licensing portal,
    the Cover Letter can be found in every Alpha product under contract at the "Get Documentation"
    link. For those customers who have chosen the hard media option, the Cover Letter will remain part of the
    SPL Kit. Additionally, a file version is on disc 1 of the Layered Products CD set, in the README directory.

2. Customers who believe they have a current SPL subscription need to review their Support Agreement,
    SAID, to ensure that the specific operating system (OpenVMS Alpha,
    OpenVMS VAX, or Tru64 UNIX) Software Library offering is included
    in their contract.  See SPL Offerings for specific product numbers.

3. Customers can view their Support Agreement contract detail by logging into Hewlett Packard 
     Enterprise's  Software Agreement Manager.
     If you do not have a Support Contract Assistant (SCA) account, then follow the screen instructions to
     register, and you can request an account.

4 . Confirmation is required from the Support Agreement contract administrator declaring the contract is
     up to date before download login credentials can be provided. Please contact the contract administrator
     named on your Support Agreement for any requests to update it, including the SPL Kit recipient's address.

  For specifics on how to download software binaries from the SPL website, see the Download Details and
  Requirements page here: more info

   Note: Hewlett Packard Enterprise employees can have special access for downloading, see note on 
   Register for SPL mailings page.