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   SPL Software Binaries Download Details and Requirements

SPL Software Updates Service customers can download individual product software binaries via http and ftp for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX.

 SPL Software Updates Service customers will be given the necessary information to download software binaries via the quarterly SPL Cover Letter. This includes User Name, Password (a new one every quarter), and a Domain Name. Starting Q1CY04, this Cover Letter is also included on disc 1 of the SPL CD set. Note: See the SPL What's New page, 2011 entries for changes in the HP delivery model. See Download entitlement for downloading details.

Separate passwords will be provided for OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX and Tru64 UNIX
Software Products Libraries. The password will permit access for one quarter. Passwords will expire but remain in effect long enough to permit early access to the following quarter's release. Customers who register via Register for SPL mailings will be given email notice when the new quarterly binaries become available for download on the website.
 Web downloads are offered for all products** on the "consolidated CD-ROMs" as listed in the
 Master Index starting with releases in  2003. Use the Master Index to navigate to the products
 you wish to download. Downloads are not available for the Operating Systems and OpenVMS
 Integrity software products see: Software Updates Service and Download Information for
 For a limited number of software products, HP offers an  Individual Product Offering (IPO).
 Occasionally, Full-Kit ECO distributions are made available for products with IPOs.
 Full-Kit ECO distributions are replacement product kits for the currently shipping version.
 See the Full-Kit ECO Index.   
  Downloads of the software binaries will be in .ZIP file format, consisting of the save set(s)
  i.e. xxx.A, xxx.B, xxx.C and the xxx_IGUIDE.TXT.

  For http downloading:
   For http downloading, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or greater, or a similar web browser
   that allows challenge/response (NTLM) authentication, is required. Note: You may not be
   able to download through a proxy server, if it will not allow encrypted  passwords.
   You will then need to bypass the proxy server.

    Enter Username and Password in the pop-up two line challenge box to accomplish
    the download.

    Recent security enhancements to Internet Explorer now require a Domain-name
    of: aclabsweb1 followed by a  reverse slash (\), then the Username in the Username
    field, e.g., Username: aclabsweb1\Username. Not required in other browsers.

    For those Operating Systems, similar to Microsoft Windows 2000, you may get a system 
    message from YOUR system's operating system, stating that: "Your Current Security
    setting does not allow this file to be downloaded". In this situation, you must add as a trusted system for  the download.  To do this: In Internet
    Explorer, choose "Tools", then "Internet Options", click on the "Security" tab, click
    "Trusted Sites", click "Sites", click "Add this website to the zone", enter the above
     web sites, click "OK", click "OK", then download SPL ZIP file.
  For ftp downloading:
   Select the "ftp download" option on the Product detail page and follow the instructions.   
  After downloading:  
   For those desktop systems that have certain associated programs that run when you click on
   a ***.ZIP file, you may need to disassociate that linkage in order to download. If necessary,
   see your  local system manager for help. Downloading is similar to loading software from the
   SPL CD, in that a valid software license is necessary to run the software.  

     Notes:   ** Some products on the SPL do not have save sets, thus are not downloadable.
                *** Zip files should be copied to, and unzipped, on the operating system they are
                       intended for.

               Click here for: Download Step By Step Instructions .