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   SPL Software Binaries Download Step by Step Instructions

For http downloading:

  1. For http downloading, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or
      greater, or a similar web browser that allows challenge/
      response (NTLM) authentication, is required. See more info,
      for variations in the Enter Network Password window.
     Note: You may not be able to download through a proxy server, if
               it will not allow encrypted passwords. You will then need to
               bypass the proxy server.
  2. Go to the SPL home page.
  3. Select the "Master Index, current and previous" page or click on:
      Master Index. If you use the * Full-Kit ECO Index link, skip to step 6.
  4. Under "Current Software Products Library (SPL) Title Information"
      Choose one of the three Platform/Type/Release Date, i.e.:            
                OpenVMS Alpha   SPL   "Month Year"
OpenVMS VAX    SPL   "Month Year"
                Tru64 UNIX         SPL   "Month Year"
  5. Under: "Master Index (Extended) - Month Year", choose the product
      you wish to download (hyperlinked under the "Directory" column).
  6. Under the Product's: "SPL xxxxxx CD-ROM Kit Contents"
      Click on: HTTP Download in the sentence at the bottom of the page:
      "For SPL & IPO subscribers - HTTP Download the savesets as a zip file
      (More Info)"
      Note: Some products on the SPL do not have savesets, thus do not
               have this sentence, and are not downloadable.
  7. You should now see an Enter Network Password popup and be
      prompted for a User Name and Password.
  8. Enter Username and Password.  This information is in your latest SPL
      "Cover Letter" that references the appropiate Operating System.
      Starting Q1CY04, this "Cover Letter" can also be found on disc 1 of the SPL. 
      If you are an Individual Product Offering (IPO) customer, use the login
      information mailed separately in the IPO letter.
      See the Download Details and Requirements page, more info, for
      variations in the Enter Network Password window such as with
      Microsoft Windows XP.
  9. Depending upon on your operating system, you should see a popup window,
      showing the file being downloaded or a requests to download.
 10. Start downloading the file, noting where the file is being stored.

For ftp downloading:
   Follow steps 2-5 above, then click on the FTP Download option on
    the Product detail page, and follow those FTP instructions.

After downloading:

   Note: Zip files should be copied to and unzipped on the Operating
           System they are intended for.
   More Info on this utility at  UNZIP, ZIP,GZIP & TAR