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Content starts here Products sold and/or documentation dated prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

PRODUCT MIGRATION INFORMATION: Software for OpenVMS VAX, Alpha, Integrity and other products will no longer be available on this portal.

If you want to receive more information, send us a note including the following:

         * Customer name

         * Company name

         * SAID or Contract number

         * Products to be registered

To register in the mailing list, click HERE.


  The Software Products Library Package (SPL Kit)

The SPL Kit is a consolidated software solution which delivers OpenVMS Alpha software product binaries via downloads from the Master Index or via the MY HPE Software Center Portal. CD-ROMs of the consolidation may also be requested from the MY HPE Software Center Portal.
More information is available at Contents of an SPL Kit.
Note: see Final Release for OpenVMS VAX & Final Release for Tru64 UNIX       


  Master Index

The Master Index is a listing of current and previous SPL, LPL (OpenVMS Integrity Layered Products Library), and OEU (OpenVMS Integrity Operating Environment Update) kits, by Platform and Release Date. The Master Index list releases as far back as June 1997, but we may be able to retrieve release data as far back as the early 90s. If needed, send Email: SPL website questions.
More information is available at Master Index Continued.


   Product Ship History and O/S Version Support Report

The Product Ship History & O/S Version Support Report is a history of updated software products/versions and when they shipped along with which Operating System versions they support. Each column in the spreadsheet has drop down field search capabilities. 
More information is available at Product Ship History & O/S Version Support.

   Download software binaries for SPL subscribers for:
   OpenVMS Alpha and VAX and Tru64 UNIX

Beginning with the Software Products Library released in June 2003, a web download service is available to the Software Updates Service customers
( see: Download entitlement ) that allows downloads of individual software product binaries via http or ftp.
More information is available at Download Details and Requirements and Download Step By Step Instructions.

   OpenVMS Integrity: Layered Products Library and
   Operating Environment Update (LPL and OEU)

Beginning with the March 2005 release date, OpenVMS Integrity's LPL and OEU release data support files, not product binaries, are available at Master Index. OpenVMS Integrity binary downloads are exclusively done through an individually tailored customer subscription system, administered by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.
More information is available at Software Updates Service and Download Information.


   Online Documentation Library (ODL) Index

 Beginning with the January 2006 release, ODL Consolidations are now available at ODL Index for online viewing and downloading.
 More information is available at ODL Index.

 VMS Software Inc. S/W releases integrated onto the SPL website

Starting with the 2015 VMS Software Inc.(VSI) releases, webpages:
    o The Master Index and associated Extended Index
        & Product/Kits pages
    o The ODL Index (Online Doc Library) and associated
        content pages
   o Excel spreadsheets: I64 Layered Products Update List and
                                        Product Ship History & O/S Version Support
  have/will be updated to reflect data from VSI release

   What's New

See what new functionality is available on the SPL website and which products have recently updated on the latest library.
More information is available at What's New.